Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Worst Job You Ever Had

Worst Job You Ever Had

- I was employed for a short while as a live-in bee-keeper. I gave it up because of the No Smoking rule, which just made the bees angry.

- I got a job as a paper boy. But I blew away

- My job as a personal trainer didn't work out

- I quit my job as mowing lawns, because the money just wasn't cutting it

- I had a job as a nude model, but I hated the uniform

- I worked for a while burying the dead at the local cemetery, but I just didn't dig it

- I gave up my job as a lumberjack because I slaughtered all my colleagues with a chainsaw and disposed of their bodies through the wood-chipper in a delightful shower of red

No, wait. That's not a joke.

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