Monday, October 05, 2009

On sponsored celebrities

On sponsored celebrities

The other day, we discussed the ways in which our hard-up television networks could rake in extra cash through subtle unobtrusive sponsorship schemes, that will in no way bugger up TV viewing for the forseeable future.

You'll be unsuprised to learn that there's even more filthy lucre to be had in this way, through the sale of naming rights to our favourite celebrities.

Of course, there may be a little resistance from one or two A-Listers, but once they've been drowned in a bucket, we'll probably find resistance to this excellent idea melting away like Victoria Beckham under a hair-dryer. Speaking of whom, she's first on the list:

- Mr Kipling's Victoria Sponge Beckham
- Preparation H from Steps

- Anne Double Diamond
- David Cameronaldmcdonald

- Martin Burger King ("I've gone up to the mountain, and I've seen the crispy fries")
- Arnold Toast-n-Egg-er

- A O Elle McPherson
- Jimmy Starbuck's

- Brad Pitt and Bingley Building Society
- HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second Class last posting day before Christmas is 16th December

Your turn now. That's me, Scary Toilet Duck, signing off.

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