Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The creepiest road-side snack-bar in the world

On the A35, just outside Dorchester in Dorset is a lay-by. I have written about this lay-by before as, during the hours of darkness, it is the centre for the South's transvestite dogging community. Here it is, look:

During the hours of daylight, something far more sinister is afoot. Set back from the road, in a small wooded glade is this, a structure straight out of every child's worst killer-clown nightmares:

Look closer, and it's a shipping container disguised as a gingerbread house disguised as a snack bar. But where are they shipping to? YOUR CREEPY UNCLE'S HOUSE, that's where.

They've got specials on small children, and smaller children. Also, puppies.

I challenge you to find a creepier road-side snack-bar anywhere in the world.

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