Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh Lordy! It's the return of Kim Jong-un

Time we dropped in to see how our least favourite newly-married chubby Swiss-educated dictator is getting on. And he's dropped in on the families of troops guarding the sensitive border area with the South, and as you can see, they're overjoyed to see him.

I dare say the KCNA photographer is now up to his neck in shit and salt, being re-educated in the need for telling his subjects to watch the birdie and say "cheese". Unfortunately, the last time any of these people saw a birdie, they ate it; while Sacred Mount Paektu Dog Cheese is a delicacy reserved only for Party members.

If only he'd taken the new hot Mrs Kim, they'd have been all smiles. Here she is, inspecting wedding presents from the people of Greenland.

Once again, the KCNA photographer is up to his neck in shit and salt, after accidentally revealing the Supreme Commander's liking for women's footwear. Size nine, extra-wide fitting, if I'm not mistaken.

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