Saturday, August 04, 2012

Weekend Video: Skyfall official trailer

New trailer for the forthcoming Bond epic Never Say The Spy Who Fingered My Pussy Galore Forever With Love.

Looks a bit epic

From the "Because they asked nicely" department

After the recent PR company shenangians on these pages, it's a brave intern that approaches me with a plug for their wares.

So, fair play to Helen of social media nice people The 7th Chamber who came at me with a request to share this video for their clients Intel and Toshiba (he says, typing on an Intel/Toshiba laptop, so he's not biased AT ALL):

See? If you ask nicely and don't be a jerk, it's free advertising all the way. Let's hear it for Toshiba and Intel! And nice intern Helen!

AAAAAAA++++++ PR-ing skills. Will use again.

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