Friday, August 03, 2012

Rules of the Internet: Three words that must be banned

And here's another thing that gets on my nerves on the internet.

Three words.

Three words, and two of them aren't even spelled correctly.

They come - in the main - on Facebook (but can be seen elsewhere), when somebody unloads the drama of their life in one great chunk onto their timeline - a huge, necessary cathartic outpouring of sadness, anger, grief, annoyance or rage. Some of the time it's even punctuated. Some of the time it's in ALL CAPs. But all of the time it doesn't matter, because the whole point is in the rage, the whole point is to get it out of your head, onto the page and out of your life.

And then, the calm after the SUBMIT button is clicked.

The calm.

The pause.

Then those three words that inspire further rage, despair and a desire to hunt the culprit down with rabid badgers.

"U ok hun?"


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