Monday, March 15, 2010

On vacuum packaging

On vacuum packaging

Great excitement at the Duck household as my new shed arrives, the old one being removed due to entirely unfounded fears of contamination.

Imagine my surprise, then, as I find that my new out building has been delivered to me encased in vac-pack.

You couldn't even get through the door for use as an emergency latrine without negotiating the impenetrable wall of plastic with a variety of kitchen implements.

At least – looking on the bright side – it'll never get wet, even when the next sou'wester comes roaring over Chesil Beach.

Other things which shouldn't arrive in vac-pack:

- Vaccum cleaners
- Bubble wrap
- Vac-pack
- Elephants (unless you are catering for a particularly large barbecue and wish to keep the steaks fresh)
- Relatives (ditto)

Can't wait to see how the new greenhouse arrives. Filled to the brim with those little polystyrene balls, I should imagine.

Or deep-fried. Who can tell these days?

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