Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ode to La Roux by The People's Poet

Ode to La Roux by The People's Poet

La Roux
How do you do,
La Roux?
People say your music's poo,
La Roux.
But I think it's skill,
Especially 'In For The Kill',
And your hair goes downhill,
And your mum was in The Bill,
La Roux.

The dreadful thing is this: once you start you know you just can't stop.

So, The People's Poet presents his latest masterwork:

Ode to Emmanuel Eboue

Eboue, Eboue.
You're quite handy with the ball
When you play for the Arsenal
Even though some people call
You crap, Eboue.
They're not without reason
Because you were shite last season
When you played like Liam Neeson
In the bit where he got killed TO DEATH in Star Wars
Even though we all agreed it should have been Jar Jar Binks
But now you're OK

The People's Poet demands a poem about your favourite star. Now. Do it NOW.

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