Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On The Stig, again

On The Stig, again

So, who is The Stig, then?

There's been loads of rumours, the Michael Schumacher red herring, not to mention the official denial from former Prime Minister John Major.

I am, then, pleased to announce that the mystery is solv-ed.

Take a look at this here picture posted to the internets by TV's Danny Wallace on his Twitter account.

"Ah ha!" I hear you say. The redoubtable Mr Wallace with what appears to be the Audi R8. And, if I am not mistaken, that's the Top Gear test track in darkest Surrey."

Yes. You are correct. But look again. Look at the CAR.

Obvious, isn't it?

The Stig is a Transformer.

Pie-eating racing driver by day, gas-guzzling executive toy by night.

Think about it - you never see The Stig and Optimus Prime in the same room together.

You read it here first.

And, to be honest, you ain't gonna read it anywhere else.

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