Tuesday, July 07, 2009

On cars

On cars

Sitting in the Renault Scenic of DOOM the other week, waiting for the man from the AA to show up, I was struck by what can only be described as a complete spunker of an idea.

And, cutting to the chase, it was this:

People like their cars.

People like their cars despite them being expensive death traps directly related to Stephen King's Christine, and they are more-or-less loyal to the brand.

Why not, then, make shedloads of cash off this concept by marketing a series of brand-specific magazines for car owners to reading whilst - for eg - waiting for the AA man to show up?

And with the world of pornographic literature quite literally on its arse since the invention of the internet, I've had the 100 per cent gold-plated idea of pitching the idea to the greasy, cross-eyed chaps behind some of this proud nation's formerly successful top-shelf publications.

As a matter of fact, they seem quite up for the idea, if a little bit confused by the whole concept.

So, before you can say the words "This time next year, Rodders, we'll be millionaires", you'll be seeing the likes of these on the top-but-one shelf of your local cornershop:

- Ford Ka Mag
- Renault Scenic of DOOM Mag
- Nissan Micra Mag
- VW Golf Mag

But it's the launch title the lads in the art department at Readers Wives are getting really excited over:

- Honda Jazz Mag

I'll get me coat.

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